• Specialities from Crete - without intermediary trade directly from the island
  • Specialities from Crete - without intermediary trade directly from the island

About us

On this page we would like to introduce us, our shop and our business philosophy to you.

Kreta-Agora: What does this name actually mean?

First of all, there is Crete (Greek Κρ'ητη), the Greek Mediterranean island, a well-known and popular holiday destination. It has a lot more to offer than the charming landscape and tourist attractions. Anyone who has ever spent their holidays in Crete has felt the 'Philoxenía', the friendliness and hospitality towards strangers, for which Crete is world famous and which we also want to cultivate in Kreta-Agora.

And then Agorá (the stress is on the last letter!) : This Greek word denotes the central square of an ancient city, where people met with acquaintances, exchanged news and where the market was also held.

Kreta-Agora: What do we want to offer you in our shop?

Many visitors to Crete get to know and appreciate the advantages of the Cretan cuisine and the Cretan way of life.

We want you to be able to enjoy this here in your country, too.

As an 'ambassador of Crete', so to speak, Kreta-Agora would like to be a contact point for you where you can get typical Cretan products, but where you can also communicate with us and for example ask questions about Crete (see our page 'About olives + co.'!).

Our knowledge of the local companies on Crete is an advantage for you.

At home in two worlds: Georgios Petsagkourakis comes from the village Malles near Iérapetra in the south of Crete, Europe's southernmost city, and knows the manufacturers and suppliers personally. Since July 2013 we have also a personal foothold in Crete: from Agios Nikolaos we are even more concerned with finding high-quality Cretan products and offering them to you. However, the shipment to you will still be from Germany: We import the products directly from Crete to our warehouse in Frankenberg near Chemnitz by a Cretan forwarding agency, from where our colleague ships the orders. So we can continue to offer you the usual low shipping costs and fast delivery times of our previous logistics partner DHL.

Although the company headquarters have been in Dietzenbach near Frankfurt/Main since the opening of Crete-Agora in 2008, we moved our warehouse to Frankenberg/Saxony at the beginning of 2017, where larger premises are available. In March 2019 we took the next logical step and also moved the company headquarters there, so that everything is now under one roof.

We attach great importance to the fact that our goods are not mass-produced in large industrial companies, but are homemade in family businesses.

At Kreta-Agora you will not find everyday goods like in any supermarket, but top-quality products.

Kreta-Agora: Which Cretan products have we selected for you?

The olive tree is one of the oldest crops in the world, cultivated thousands of years ago in the Minoan culture, the cradle of civilization in Europe. To this day, olive oil is a staple food on Crete, and a selection of olives is also part of a good Cretan meal.

Just like olive oil, wine has been produced on Crete since ancient times. We offer you dry red, rosé and white wines as well as a dessert wine.

Anyone who has ever been to Crete knows the 'Raki' called Tsikoudiá there - a schnapps made from grape pomace, very mild and comparable to a good grappa (not to be confused with Turkish raki or ouzo, both of which contain anise).

In addition to the olive tree, the plant world of Crete is rich in pine trees and numerous medicinal herbs, which have also been known and successfully used since ancient times. The honey that is extracted here is characterized by a high concentration of pine and especially thyme and citrus blossoms. Naturally pure and cold-spun, the Cretan thyme honey is a valued delicacy.

The mountains of Crete provide many medicinal herbs that have been known since ancient times and are used as tea (e.g. to treat colds) and as spices (e.g. in cooking or in salads).

Kreta-Agora Delicatessen:

The delicatessen products that you will find here are made in traditional family businesses and processed according to traditional recipes. They are natural and contain no chemical colors or preservatives. You can see for yourself that there are no chemical additives:

- So you can see that our black Kalamata olives are not really black, but brown; olives only turn black when artificial dye is added.

- Our sun-dried tomatoes still have their own taste and firmness resulting from sun-drying.

- The spice mixtures that we offer you do not contain glutamate or other flavor enhancers; good quality does not need support.

Kreta-Agora Natural care products with olive oil:

Since ancient times, olive oil has been used together with selected medicinal herbs in Crete to produce natural care products. All over the world, dermatologists recommend olive oil cosmetics, especially for dry and sensitive skin

The company APHRODITE from Heraklion/Crete produces skin care products of excellent quality from extra pure olive oil and selected medicinal herbs. They are well tolerated and, above all, have an excellent effect; neither do they contain animal components nor are animals used as test objects in development and production.

Since 2020, skin care products from EVERGETIKON in Heraklion have been new in our product range: natural cosmetics based on Cretan medicinal herbs and extra virgin olive oil - nature with a touch of luxury. EVERGETIKON looks back on 12 years of research and production; the products other than those for cleaning (shampoos, shower gels, liquid soaps) do not contain water. In addition to the naturalness of the materials, this has the great advantage that they do not require any preservatives, synthetic or chemical additives.