Elasion 0,3 olive oil  1 ltr bottle

Elasion 0,3 olive oil 1 ltr bottle

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Elasion 0,3 extra virgin olive oil   1 ltr bottle

Cold extracted extra virgin olive oil with 0,3% acidity   b.b.date October 2023


This olive oil, too is extracted from the Koroneíki olives for which Crete is world-famous and which are the basis of the world's best olive oils.

Particularly suitable for salads where you can experience its typical fruity taste best but you can use this oil for other cookings as well.


Producer: Fam. Nikolarakis from Kalamafka in the region of Lasithi


 Nutrition facts per 100 ml = 91,6 gr at time of bottling:


energy   824 kCal / 3.450 kJ protein     0 gr. carbohydrates     0 gr. fat: saturated fatty acids 12,6 gr.   monounsaturated fatty acids 72,2 gr.   polyunsaturated fatty acids   6,8 gr.   cholesterol   0 mg. dietary fibres               0 gr. sodium  

  0 mg.

extinction coefficients: K270 below 0,22   K232 below 2,50   Δ K below 0,01 peroxide value   below 20 meq cere   below 150 mg/ltr. acidity   max. 0,3 %


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