Kreta 0,3 olive oil  1 ltr bottle

Kreta 0,3 olive oil 1 ltr bottle

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Kreta 0,3 extra virgin olive oil   1 ltr bottle

Cold extracted extra virgin olive oil with 0,3% acidity

best before January 2023

100% pure olive oil

Producer: Fam.Petsagkourakis / Kreta-Agora

Bottled: Malliotaki Maria Kalamafka/Ierapetra (Region Lasithi)


 Nutrition facts per 100 ml at time of bottling:

energy   900 kCal / 3.700 kJ protein     0 gr. carbohydrates     0 gr. fat: saturated fatty acids 14 gr.   monounsaturated fatty acids 79 gr.   polyunsaturated fatty acids   7 gr.   cholesterol   0 mg. dietary fibres               0 gr. sodium  

  0 mg.

extinction coefficients: K270 below 0,20   K232 below 2,50   Δ K below 0,01 peroxide value   below 20 meq wax   below 150 mg/ltr. acidity   max. 0,3 %


Important note for cold seasons:
When stored below +10°C, for example in the fridge or when transporting the bottle in the winter  the olive oil can be turbid and flaky. The quality is not influenced by this natural process. When the oil is exposed again to normal room temperatures the turbidity is dissolved again.


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