Olives Kalamata vacuum

Olives Kalamata vacuum

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Black olives KALAMATA, natural, in vacuum pack

Black olives KALAMATA in vacuum pack

(the name does not indicate that these olives originate from Kalamata on Pelponnes but it identifies the olive variety KALAMON)

Taste: natural

Ingredients: Kalamata (Kalamon) olives, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, salt, water

with stone because of longer keeping and better taste

- without colour and preservative agents -


Nutritional facts per 100 gr:

Energy 204 kCal Proteins 1,05 gr Carbohydrates 0,2 gr Fat 21,9 gr Water 68 gr Fibres 0,0 gr Vitamin A 0,0 mg Calzium 71 mg Potassium 152 mg Magnesium 52 mg Sodium 577 mg Ferric 2,7 mg Phosphorus 248 mg Selenium 0,0 mg Chromium 2,3 mg


250 gr pack

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